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Billy Bi$hop titled "IDMT$"

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Would you pay $10 to EXPERIENCE music the way the artist intended? How would it change the way you choose your music? How much value would it add to your life if the music you listened to impacted you in a profound way?

In this priceless musical experience, you'll get to spend 12 days with Billy Bi$hop and his new album titled "IDMT$", an artist that truly immerses himself in his creative process!

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Step #3 - at the end of the experience, if you can't can't honestly say it was worth the $10, then just email us at (at our private email address that we'll reveal in the experience) and you won't have to pay a dime.

When you do love the experience, then just do nothing, and after the 12 days we'll bill you a one time payment of just $10.

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